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Author : Nobuyoshi Araki
Title : Obscenities
(Déjà-vu special issue)
Publisher : Photo-Planète
First edition, 1994
Cover : Softcover
Not signed
Dimensions : 29,7cm x 23 x 0,5
ISBN 4-309-90126-3

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Araki’s trademark nudes, bound and not, in very explicit poses. Contrasted to those are photographs of flowers and urban scenes. All photos have had their negatives scratched and drawn on: Araki’s statement on the idea of “obscenity.” Staple-bound. Full page, full bleed color plates throughout with two gate-folds. A special edition of Deja-Vu, the Japanese photography magazine, published in Tokyo.

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Dimensions 29.7 × 0.5 × 23 cm
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