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Bragg Christian
I wish to see where the winds meet

Published by the artist, 2016
Book size 17 x 25 cm
Pages 25 pages
Binding Harcover
Limited Edition of 280
All Signed and numbered
First edition


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“I WISH TO SEE WHERE THE WINDS MEET” est un parcours personnel porté par une fragile quête de révélation et la recherche de soi. Sa photographie analogique en noir et blanc révèle des contrastes dépassant ceux de l’obscurité et de la lumière, alliant transformation et tranquillité, ironie et sincérité, son et silence. Avec ce livre, le photographe raconte une histoire personnelle de souvenirs, composant un «roman écrit avec des images», tandis que le spectateur imagine le sien.


“I WISH TO SEE WHERE THE WINDS MEET” witnesses the outcome of Bragg’s personal journey – a journey driven by a fragile quest for revelation and the search for oneself. His analogue black and white photography reveals contrasts going beyond those of dark and light, combining transformation and tranquility, irony and sincerity, sound and silence. With Winds, the photographer tells a personal story of memories, composing what he defines a “novel written with images”, whilst the viewer imagines his own through a personal and intimate experience.

The artist book shown here in a singular scenography in which pendulous booklets rise in the wind. In dialogue, a publication by Tumuult revisits Bragg’s very same work in an experimental way, putting forward a certain idea of books, returning to its very origins: a curated object.


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