DAIDO MORIYAMA – Akai Kutsu Vol.1 (赤い靴 上 )

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Akai Kutsu Vol.1 (赤い靴 上 )

Published by Super labo, 2019
Pages: 40
Cover: softcover
Size: w18.2 x h25.6 cm
25 Images(b&w)
Doubletone Offset
Limited edition of 800
ISBN 978-4-908512-76-6

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“From last summer,I happened to frequent Yokohama for some reason. I have had a good time in the city where I used to take many photographs when I was young after so many years’ absence. When I began to think of shooting Yokohama, I received the offer to publish a photo book, and so I immediately decided to make one book of photographs of Yokohama. Now I am even happier, for I could make two volumes with these Yokohama photographs.” Daido Moriyama

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