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Author: Hiroshi Sugimoto
Title: Past and Present in Three Parts
Publisher: Chiba City Museum of Art, 2015
Pages: 64
Cover: hardcover
Dimensions: 19.3 x 1 x 26 cm
Price: 40€

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Past and Present in three parts

Chiba City Museum of Arts

Exhibition catalogue of Sugimoto’s major Exhibition “Past and Present in three parts”

“Dioramas”,  – Sugimoto offers a series of photographs taken in New York’s Museum of Natural History. Simply by photographing the exhibition’s dioramas, Sugimoto consciously created a project that balances fact and fiction. The fictitiousness of these dioramas is evident when examined visually, three-dimensionally. In Sugimoto’s photographic interpretation, however, these pieces are made to appear in such a realistic manner that their previously undeniable fakeness was transformed into fact by way of a two-dimensional image.

“Theatres” – Bright light is the center of the composition, which is also the essence of the work. The screen incorporates the duration of the whole film, which needs 2 – 3 hours of exposure. Connections between the visual image of the theater’s interior and the idea of a time period – leading to an empty screen – shows a complex construction, on which this photographic work is based – a competent balance between two principles: form and content.

“Seascapes” – series presents one of Sugimoto’s quintessential searches: the ultimate balance and harmony of the two opposites: sky and water, a landscape devoid of subjective evaluations and attaining a formal perfection.

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Dimensions 19.3 × 1 × 26 cm
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