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Johan van der Keuken
Quatorze Juillet
Publisher : Van Zoetendaal, Amsterdam, 2010.
1st edition
Cover: softcover
Price : 80 €
ISBN: 9789072532091

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Bastille Day, Paris, 1958; a wind-blown couple dances in the street on the Quai de Bourbon, Ile Saint Louis. This well-known image by documentary filmmaker and photographer Van der Keuken was first published in 1964 in Paris Mortel, a highly sought-after post war classic. The discovery of 32 negatives from the same day informs this book and exhibition at the Galerie &co119.

As the image’s context is revealed in dynamic sequence, Van der Keuken’s perception, processes and choices are uncovered, evincing the cinematic qualities and capturing of motion that concerned him throughout his later career.

Printed on an uncoated matte paper stock, the pages are bound in a Japanese style that results in the “pages” being sheets folded upon themselves, having double thickness, sempuyo-style binding. As an object itself, the book could not possibly be improved, a gem in editing and design by van Zoetendaal.

For Martin Parr one of the best 10 photobooks in 2010 (“This beautifully designed and printed small book shows photos taken in 1958 of couples dancing on the street. Pure joy.”).

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