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portraits of the cold winter in Aomori

Published by Toka Publishing House, 2018
Condition : New
Pages 180 pages
Size: H30cm x W30cm x D3cm
Binding: soft cover


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Aomori, with over 650 yearly cm of snow, is said to be the snow capital of the world.
Despite this unwelcoming environment, Aomori gives birth to passionate and colorful art and culture.
This is a portrayal of that stern yet beautiful background landscape compared with the portraits
of the high school students living there, to show how the people live within that environment.

“In addition to my work as a graphic designer and art director, I have also made a foray into photography. In 2018, I captured the landscape of Aomori, a city with some of the heaviest snowfall in the world, and juxtaposed these shots with my portraits of high school girls also taken in the city. The resulting collection “Frozen Light” is a solo project managed entirely by myself—from the photography to the art direction, design, and publication.” Mahiro

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