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Masahisa Fukase
Memories of Father (signed)
Publisher : IPC, 1991
Cover : Soft cover
1st Edition
Dimensions: 20 x 23 x 1,5 cm
Price : 1200 €

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“Fukase was an established commercial photographer in Tokyo by the mid 1950s. In 1971 he began journeying back to his native Hokkaido and photographing his family. This book, a combination of Fukase’s own pictures as well as some from the family ‘archive’ is an achingly lyrical biography-in-pictures of his father. It follows the elder Fukase from his boyhood days in rural Hokkaido, through his young family life, into his middle and old age. Fukase looks unflinchingly at his father’s illness, decline and death – right through to cremation and memorial. An incredibly moving book.”  –Photo-eye

Fukase’s memories of his father, from his father’s young days to his last. Very poignant work, in that sense similar to Fuakse’s most well-known work, Ravens. This copy is signed by Fukase,

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Dimensions 20 × 1.5 × 23 cm
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