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Nobuyoshi Araki
Blue Meteorite

Published by Kyuryudo, 1989
Book size 23,5cm x 31 cm  x 2cm
Cover Hardcover
Pages 125 pages
Languages Japanese and English
First Edition

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A collection of works by Japanese dancer Saburo Teshigawara, “Blue Meteorite II Blue Meteorite”. After studying classic ballet, he started his own creative activities in 1981. Teshigahara formed KARAS in 1985 and pursues new expressions that cannot be captured in the existing dance framework. He has a face as a modeling artist as well as a stage work, and has presented installation works in Japan and overseas. This book begins with texts and original illustrations that Teshigahara sent to performance pamphlets and the like, but most of it is a book like a photo book composed of performance photos by Nobuyoshi Araki. At the end of the book, art critic Shunji Ito described Araki as saying, “Single, quickly disappearing, relentless, more sensitive than anybody to crazy beings, sensually reacting as one love.” This is the reason why the photos have a unique light. ” 

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