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Patrick Remy
Desire : New Erotic Photography
Publisher : Prestel, 2015
Pages: 276
Cover : Hardcover
Price: 48€
Dimensions : 28,7cm x 21,7 x 3
ISBN 978-3-7913-4952-7

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The invention of photography gave artists a new means of expression – and a new way of depicting the human body. This elegant, compelling collection of images from new and established photographers demonstrates how technology has altered the genre – not only in terms of technique, but also composition, theme and content.

This incredibly diverse collection features the works of more than 30 artists from around the world, including Evan Baden’s explorations of the ways youth culture views sex, intimacy and privacy; Noritoshi Hirakawa’s erotic and intimate portraits, which challenge mainstream conceptions of sexuality and heterosexual desire; David Bellemere’s dreamlike works, which are inspired by 1970s aesthetics, nature, light and the female body shape; and Ana Kras’ surreal photographs that seem like they were taken coincidentally.

At once cutting-edge and tasteful, this compelling volume presents a wide range of erotic photography.

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Dimensions 28.7 × 21.7 × 3 cm
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