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Robert Mapplethorpe
Patti Smith
Publisher: Bellport Press, 1987
Pages: 48
Cover: hardcover
Price: 620 €
Dimensions: 27.6 cm x 27.6 cm

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Collaborative Artist’ Book. Designed by John Cheim. First and only edition of 2.000 copys.Patti Smith was a friend of Mapplethorpe for years as kids and she wrote a book JUST KIDS about their time together, which included photographing her, hence her signature in the book. The DJ is protected by mylar; has the four beautiful body shots of a black man seen on the scans. Other photos in the book are in color. 18 full page plates of Mapplethorpe’s photographs accompanied by Patti Smith’s lyrics.

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Dimensions 27.6 × 0.9 × 27.6 cm
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