SEIICHI MOTOHASHI – The words of the Baobabs

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Published by Fugen-sha, 2017
Book Size 27,2 x 20 cm
Pages 64 pages
Binding Hardcover
Language English, Japanese
First edition
Signed by the artist

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“The words of the Baobabs” is a poetic book on the disappearance of one of the oldest species of trees on the planet. It includes photos taken during three documentaries made by Motohashi: “Nadja no Mura” (“Nadja’s Village”), in 1998 and continuing with “Alexei to Izumi” (“Alexei’s Spring”, 2002) and his  film “Baobab no Kioku “(” A Thousand Year Song of Baobab “).

“The words of the Baobabs” est un livre poétique sur la disparition d’une des plus anciennes espèces d’arbres de la planète. Il regroupe des photos prises durant trois documentaires réalisés par Motohashi: “Nadja no Mura” (“Nadja’s Village”), en 1998 et continuant avec ” Alexei to Izumi »(« Alexei’s Spring », 2002) et son  film« Baobab no Kioku »(« A Thousand Year Song of Baobab »).

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