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Publisher: Zen Photo Gallery, 2017
Pages: 24
Polaroid photo cards: 32
Including: vacuum-sealed personal belongings by the artist
Limited edition: 700

In stock


Selfpolaroids is a special box set, bringing together 32 large format postcards of the artist’s polaroid selfies (4C), 1 book of Tokyo Rumando’s new Peel Apart series (24 pages, 4C), and a sealed pack of the artist’s personal belongings or stage props (unique to each box) all housed together in a luxurious printed clamshell box.

“I was a highschool student when I first got the polaroid camera. It was a fun gadget to play with friends, as it could quickly capture the moment.
This box set includes a selection of my polaroid works from 2005 until now.
I used to use the polaroid camera to do testing for my self portraits.
Polaroids are like a documentation of reality for me, as I make works that interconnect the present, past, and future.
When I look into their unique colours, I can see many beautiful colour particles like the universe – it gives me an unexplainable sense of exaltation.”

― Tokyo Rumando

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Dimensions 220 × 40 × 220 cm
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