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Murakoshi Toshiya
Burn after seeing
Publisher: LibroArte, 2014
Pages: 108
Cover: hardcover
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At dusk, small fire sparks drew a soft line on the azure-blue sky, and they were so close they seemed like fireflies. And the flames only sounded during the moments when they were blown by a strong wind, scattering sparks all around.

These sparks then disappeared as if they were being drawn into the sky, which was deepening into a blue-black. Following these with my eyes, I pondered where the lights were going.

The color of the sky further deepened, and I strained my eyes carefully to the tiny sparks emerging.

They were blown away, stirred up, and put out by the wind. As I looked at them over and over again, the night fell completely. My skin grew cold, and, at that moment, I gradually recognized a feeling of loss similar to that when I once experienced something very important.

There were no signs of fire any more on the road through the rice fields. The wind got colder and colder. Stars were shining in the colorless night sky.

Toshiya Murakoshi

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