NOBUYOSHI ARAKI – A Sentimental Journey: A Winter’s Journey

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ARAKI Nobuyoshi
Sentimental na Tabi: Fuyu no Tabi (A Sentimental Journey: A Winter’s Journey)

Published by Tokyo: Shincho-sha, 1991.
Book size 19,5 x 27 x 2 cm
Pages 124 pages
Cloth binding, pict. slipcase, b&w pictures.
Language Foreword & captions in Japanese.
First edition
Good condition

In stock


One of the most touching photobooks by Nobuyoshi ARAKI, that retraces the beginning and the end of his wife Yoko who died in 1990. Splendid funeral oration in front of a tough recording of reality.


L’un des livres d’ARAKI Nobuyoshi le plus touchant, il retrace la vie de sa femme Yoko jusqu’à sa mort en 1990. Splendide éloge funèbre et terrible enregistrement du réel…

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