Daniel Blaufuks – This business of living

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Daniel Blaufuks
This business of living

Published by Pierre von Kleist, 2015
48 pages
Hardcover with linen spine
250 x 190 mm.
First edition, 2015.
Limited edition of 600 copies.

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Vivre comme une sorte de travail, comme quelque chose qui a besoin de ses propres règles, comme si c’était une tâche dans un bureau et le besoin, parfois mécanique et bureaucratique, d’organiser le temps: se réveiller, manger, penser, travailler , dormir, vivre. Hier Aujourd’hui Demain. Ce Business of Living s’inspire des journaux intimes de Cesare Pavese, de l’expérience du temps et des souvenirs laissés au fil des jours.


Living as a kind of job, as something that needs its own rules, as if it were a task in some office and the need, at times mechanic and bureaucratic, of organising time: to wake up, to eat, to think, to work, to sleep, to live. Yesterday, today, tomorrow.  This Business of Living is inspired by the diaries of Cesare Pavese, about the experience of time and of the memories that are left over from the passing days. 

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